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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ranuel Works My Last Nerve

The rules are as follows: You start off with writing down ten weird things/habits/little known things about yourself. People who get tagged have to then write ten weird things/habits/little known facts about themselves in their own blog or LJ. At the end, you pick ten people off your flist and tag them so as to continue the game. No tagbacks, and the rules must be stated clearly in your post.

1. My left leg, ankle and foot have swollen larger than my right, daily, for more than fifteen years (yes, since my pregnancy with Juice).

2. I actually enjoy grading papers, much more so than I do lecturing.

3. I once learned how to play the recorder (as part of getting a degree in education, which I didn't finish because there weren't enough lit classes in the curriculum).

4. I'm irrationally frightened by some large constructions, like figureheads. The very thought of President's Head Park makes me very uncomfortable.

5. My younger sister, in her forties and an attorney, actually believes that I "know a little about everything." (But maybe that's something weird about her.)

6. I hate these "meme" thingies.

7. People are always telling me I sing well enough to be recorded, but no one has ever offered to record me (well, in the last twenty years, anyway).

8. Somehow (despite any formal obedience training), I managed to train Nimue, my dog, to respond to (right many) hand and head signals.

9. I *heart* Kevin James.

10. For a good part of one year of my life, I was addicted to an electronic version of Yahtzee.

Like Ranuel, I'm not taggin ten friends. Here's three:




Dear Jesus, my brother, remind us daily that whatever our weirdnesses, You love us muchly.


  • At 6:35 PM , Blogger Ranuel said...

    Hee! At least you got a blog post out of it.

  • At 5:54 AM , Anonymous elayne said...

    Nuh-uh.... I've just about tapped out all the "weird things about me" in my regular posts and in the "100 things" meme I did a while back.

    FWIW I also think you know (at least) a little bit about everything. (c:


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