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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Quoting (and agreeing with) Smart Friends

An friend spoke some wisdom to an online forum recently, and another friend quoted him. I'ma go and do likewise:

"This is NOT directed to the originator of the thread, but at everyone. There are some people who are immediately going to vote for McCain on this basis alone. Those people are idiots. The PUMA person immediately talked about how this was great for women everywhere.

Well, if women everywhere believe that abortion should be illegal in every case, including rape and incest and life-threatening pregnancy; if women everywhere want creationism taught in schools; if women everywhere think global warming is a hoax; etc.

The PUMA people, who supported Clinton, appear to be willing to completely ignore anything of substance she ever said. With supporters like these---

But there is another group of people- who were turned off by the sexism against Clinton during the campaign and are thus predisposed against the Dems- and there are many reasonable people in this group. I don't agree with every single example of sexism that they give, but I can see a lot of it.

So, preemptively, for those of us who are progressive, let's not push those people toward McCain-Palin. Let's not focus on her gender, let's not talk about her appearance, let's not use sexist terms like bimbo, let's not make vpilf jokes.

Let the Republicans do it. Let Pat Buchanan, in raving about her, call her "gal" repeatedly. Let McCain do his transparent tokenism thing. Let them focus on her breeding capability as somehow indicative of her value. Let her display her own stunning lack of regard for other women. Let the Republicans be who they are. And let us be who we are.

In short, focus on her absolutely crazy policy positions and her relevant experience. Criticize her- but please don't be a dick about it."

Thank you and amen!


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