Not at ALL What You Thought

Friday, January 30, 2009

Served Yet Again. . . .

You know those TV episodes where a clueless person is going along, minding her own business, maybe hanging out with friends, maybe meeting a possible new friend, who comes up and shoots the breeze in a breezy way? And then serves the clueless one with a subpoena? "You've just been served, J. Regina," Possible New Friend says, and walks away.

You know the deal. Well, it happened to me this morning, and it's happening to you right now, johnbrownit. IF YOU ARE WITHIN THREE FEET OF A BOOK, YOU MUST PARTICIPATE IN THIS MEME.

So I gots Bread Not Stone on my johnbrown desk and I'm quoting, johnbrownit, here and now, the fifth johnbrown sentence (and then some) from page 46:
"Insofar as biblical studies are "canonical" studies, they are related to and inspired by their Sitz im Leben in the Christian church past and present. The feminist analysis of the Bible is just one example of an ecclesial context and of the theological commitment of biblical studies in general. This fact is recognized by Schubert Ogden, who nevertheless objects to the advocacy stance of liberation theology. He argues that all existeing liberation theologies are in danger of becoming ideologies in the Marxist sense insofar as, like other traditional theological enterprises, they are "the rationalization of positions already taken." Rather than engaging in a critical reflection on their own positions, liberation theologies rationalize, with the help of the Bible, the positions of the oppressed instead of those of the oppressors."

Hey, it coulda been worse. I started to quote from this book. And my advice to you is If Christina innocently asks if you're three feet away from a book, LIE.

Thank you, Jesus, for friends who know me entirely too well. Else this life'd be so lonely.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Predictions for Elayne

If, as They say, what I did on New Year's day is what I'll be doing all year, then I'll be sleeping late.

I'll be responding to tons of text messages. (Hopefully they won't all say "Happy New Year!" all year.)

I'll be watching TV with Goobs.

I'll be listening to the new songs Juice wrote.

I'll be speaking civilly to the dogs (a NY's resolution*), as opposed to calling them both "stupid" (loudly and under my breath).

I'll be listening to very loud, rock/hip-hop-inspired gospel music.

I'll be taxiing the girls around.

I'll be reading up the stacks of books next to the bed.

In other words, doin what I did last year.

*Broke this one before I finished this list. LOL

Lord Jesus, my brother, thank You for another chance to get it right.